What’s the point of thermostatic radiator valve installation?

We may be among the biggest names in domestic and commercial power flushing here at Power Flush Wizard, but we are also renowned for the many other upgrades that we can perform for the central heating systems of UK householders and business owners.

For our latest blog post, we thought we’d focus on a little service of ours that we don’t talk about much, but which could make a big difference to the energy efficiency of your home: thermostatic radiator valve installation.

What are thermostatic radiator valves?

Thermostatic radiator valves, or TRVs, are an alternative to manual radiator valves that enable you to control how you use the heat in your home.

As their name suggests, TRVs sense the temperature of a room and then adjust that temperature by increasing or reducing the hot water flow to the radiator. So if the temperature of the room rises above a desired level, the valve will ensure that less water flows through the radiator, thereby reducing its temperature.

While thermostatic radiator valve installation is inexpensive and relatively easy, while also being suitable for all types of radiator including towel rails, it is important not to misunderstand what thermostatic radiator valves do. They do not control your boiler, for example, and nor will a room heat up any quicker if you turn a TRV to a higher setting, as the speed with which a room heats up is dependent on such factors as the boiler size and setting and the size of your radiators.

You will also need to remember to set your TRVs at a level that provides the temperature you want in a given room. Naturally, for different rooms, you are likely to have different desires with regard to temperature level, so it is important to set the TRVs to suit each room in your building before leaving them to do their work.

You should also ensure your TRVs are not blocked by furniture or covered by curtains so that they have a sufficient flow of air to accurately sense the room’s temperature.

Make Power Flush Wizard your choice for TRV installation

We can tell you so much more about TRVs and the role they can play in conjunction with the other acclaimed central heating upgrades that we provide here at Power Flush Wizard.

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