Effective water treatment for central heating systems.

Eliminate limescale and maintain system efficiency.

We use trusted products from leading suppliers for our dosing service. Our dosing solutions can be applied to both residential and commercial properties. We have mastered the process to ensure a smooth and effective service for all our clients.

We use high-performance chemical cleaning products that remove corrosion debris and light scale from heating systems. There is no gassing involved and no need to bleed the radiators during the process.

Our team will add the cleaning agents to your system 7- 14 days prior to the power flush (you will still be able to use the system during this time). Our experts will return to perform the power flush and add a corrosion inhibitor to prevent further corrosion.

If you are interested in our dosing service and would like to add it to your power flush booking, simply give us a call or send us a message. Our friendly team will be able to answer any questions you have and provide a free quotation.

  • Cleans during normal operation of heating system.
  • For use with all metals used in heating systems.
  • Suitable with systems of all ages.
  • Extra solvency power dissolves and mobilises rust and sludge.

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