Make us your choice this January for safe and efficient gas boiler repair.

Given that we place so much emphasis here at Power Flush Wizard on our power flushing services, it’s perhaps understandable if you overlook that we also offer gas boiler repair – and nor is it a second-class version of the kind of service you can expect from other companies.

Yes, we take great pride in the completeness, efficiency and safety of our power flushes, but you might not realise that we apply the same impeccable standards of our services in gas boiler repair.

Why are we such a great option for the repair of your gas boiler?

First of all, we’re commanding an increasingly strong reputation in gas boiler repair in part because we’re so good at spotting potential problems with your boiler in the first place.

But before we go any further, let’s leave you in no doubt of one thing: it really is vital to only use a fully qualified Gas Safe registered engineer when you are having any servicing or repair work carried out on your home or business’s gas systems. Trying to carry out your own gas boiler repair can, in fact, be extremely risky, potentially making you ill and even killing you.

Another reason to only choose a company that uses highly qualified Gas Safe registered engineers is their formidable ability when it comes to the examination of your boiler and the pinpointing of any issues.

For example, when our engineer first arrives at your property, they will ensure the current boiler location’s compliance with the present gas safety, electrical and building regulations. Then, they will be able to check your boiler’s external controls and any panels to which the boiler is connected.

This will be followed by the main service, which entails tests and checks on the likes of the main injector, main burner, flue terminal, all fans, all seals and all electrical components. The engineer will also remove dust and dirt from inside the boiler, in addition to carrying out a gas tightness test to make sure your system isn’t suffering from any gas leaks.

What if it turns out that I do need extensive gas boiler repair? 

If our Gas Safe engineer does establish that there are any problems with your boiler that can also be repaired, the responsibility of repair isn’t simply passed off to another company. We provide that service ourselves, and will inform you of the costs of it all before work commences.

Here at Power Flush Wizard, we are far from ‘just’ a power flushing company, also helping to ensure that you benefit from the utmost peace of mind as far as every element and component of your gas boiler is concerned.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us now for a competitive quote for power flushing and any associated services for your gas boiler.