Advice for keeping your home warm throughout the winter.

As the temperatures drop and more of us notice frost on the streets and rain from the clouds, it becomes apparent that we really are heading into the winter, with everything it entails. 

This can be an expensive time of year regardless of any unexpected costs that may arise due to problems with your central heating system. So what can you do right now to minimise your chances of being – literally – ‘caught out in the cold’?

Get that power flush done

Yes, you might have expected us to mention power flushing, but we do so for good reasons, aside from our know-how in domestic power flushing. For one thing, you can tell in advance whether now might be the time to have one performed, and by doing so, you can also greatly reduce the likelihood of your boiler suddenly breaking down.

If you are seeing the telltale signs of black sludge having built up in your central heating system – such as cold spots in your radiators, or little or no hot water coming from your taps or fittings – now is the time to book a date for Power Flush Wizard to perform that much-needed power flush.

Even if your boiler isn’t at imminent risk of breaking down, a power flushed boiler is also an efficient one, slashing as much as a quarter from your heating bills. 

Have your boiler serviced 

Domestic power flushing may be the main part of our work, but it isn’t the only thing that you can do to keep your boiler running efficiently and safely. Indeed, you may be voiding your boiler’s warranty if you fail to have it serviced every 12 months.

One of the other extremely important things to remember about boiler servicing is to only have it done by a fully qualified Gas Safe registered engineer. This is precisely the service that we can provide to homeowners here at Power Flush Wizard, encompassing checks and tests on such vital components of your boiler as its main injector, heat exchanger, flue terminal, fans and seals.

Perform any necessary upgrades of your system

Anything that you can do to boost the efficiency of your central heating system will almost certainly be worthwhile, particularly during the winter months when you will be using your heating most extensively. Many of the upgrades that you can have carried out will pay for themselves relatively quickly, and will do so even sooner if you use your heating more often.

With the likes of MagnaClean filters, electrolytic scale inhibitors, thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs), Honeywell zone valves and wireless room thermostats able to be installed by Power Flush Wizard, we can do almost everything that you could conceivably require to keep your system running at maximum efficiency throughout the colder months.

Why not complete and submit our simple online contact form or call us on 0800 849 1308 to discuss what we can do to give you maximum peace of mind about your home heating throughout Christmas and the New Year?