What makes our power flushing engineers the best around?

It’s understandable that when you are having such specialised work as a power flush carried out at your residential or commercial property, you will want to request the services of the right professionals – people who know how to undertake a power flush to the highest of standards.

We’re sure that’s exactly why you are considering the services of a company called Power Flush Wizard – after all, power flushing really is our main business. It’s why we have also invested in ensuring that our power flushing engineers are the finest in the industry.

The highest levels of qualifications and expertise

Any engineer of ours who comes to your home or commercial premises will be professionally trained in power flushing. This means they will be fully-versed in the process of power flushing, including the need on arrival to survey your central heating system and determine the best place to connect the power flush equipment.

Once the Kamco power flush machine has been connected to your system, a solution of water, chemicals and rust inhibitors will be introduced to loosen the black iron oxide sludge and limescale, which is then captured and removed from your system by a special MagnaClean magnetic filter. Only liquid will then be allowed to pass back into the central heating system.

After the power flush itself is complete, the chemicals and inhibitors will be left in your heating system to help protect it from further build-ups.

But don’t power flushing engineers need to be Gas Safe registered?

Actually, they don’t! This is one of the greatest misconceptions about power flushing and may deter some people from requesting the services of highly capable engineers.

The bottom line is that as power flushing itself only concerns the water aspect of the central heating instead of the gas, the engineers that you use only need to be Gas Safe registered if they need to remove or repair the boiler as well. If this proves to be necessary in your case, rest assured that we will call in one of our Gas Safe registered engineers.

So, what more reason could you possibly need to contact our power flushing engineers here at Power Flush Wizard today?