What is a Power Flush & Why does my heating system need one?

A power flush is the name given to the process of removing iron oxide, limescale and other desposits that build up within a central heating system. By flushing a low pressure water and chemical mix through a heating system these deposits are removed, which allows the water within the system to flow freely and uninhibited, this in turn allows for more efficient heating of radiators and heat exchangers and reduces the strain on your boiler.

A Power Flush can save the average household up to 25% on yearly fuel billsand the chemicals left in the system after a power flush will protect your heating system from deposit build up for years to come. At Power Flush Wizard our fully trained, insured and CRB checked engineers can carry out most power flushes within a day and leave no mess for you to clean.

Why does my heating system need a Power Flush?

Central heating systems with a large build up of iron oxide, limescale and other deposits are costly to run, place unneeded strain on your boiler and won’t heat your home as efficiently as a heating system that has had regular power flushes.

The iron oxide deposits are also a sign of internal system rusting, which can lead to burst radiators, leaky pipes and other costly repairs, having a power flush carried out on your heating system regularly will not only help to stop further build ups but will also help to slow and reduce system rusting, helping to increase the lifespan of your heating system.

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