What Happens During a Power Flush

Power Flushing Explained

Power flushing your central heating system is not as intrusive as you might think. Your engineer will need access to all your radiators, pump and boiler – and sometimes loft access if the water tank is there. A professional power flush will take 6 to 12 hours in an average domestic property, though this can take longer with systems with microbore piping. 

Your engineer will attach the power flushing machine to  a single point in your system, usually the pump. This machine will pump clean water and powerful cleansing chemicals into your system. The chemicals loosen and dissolve the corrosive sludge, and this all gets drained from your system safely and cleanly. 

Your system is then refilled with clean water, and topped up with inhibitors which greatly reduce the rate at which future corrosion builds up.

Flushing radiators will greatly increase their lifespan, and the increased circulation will lower fuel bills as the boiler and pump have to work less to provide heat and hot water.