Want to save money on your heating bills? Why a power flush could be the answer

Everyone wants the lowest possible heating bills, but how can you achieve it? Sure, there are many potential remedies out there, such as cavity wall insulation or loft insulation, but if there’s one solution that remains somewhat underrated despite its ability to shave as much as 25% off your heating bills, it is surely a power flush.

What is a power flush?

A power flush removes the black iron oxide sludge and lime scale that tends to gather in a central heating system over its lifetime, coating the insides of radiators and pipes and compromising the flow of hot water around the heating system. Such a reduced flow leaves your boiler with more work to do, thereby pushing up heating bills.

Power flushing uses a pressurised mix of water and chemicals to remove these built-up deposits, reducing your boiler’s workload and restoring the optimum efficiency of your central heating system.

Why else should I invest in a power flush?

First of all, it can be done very quickly and conveniently – in as little as a day in most residential properties, although a longer process may apply for a larger system or commercial property.

Then, there’s simply the astounding results of a power flush to consider. So many of our customers turn to us at first due to growing impatience with cold spots in their radiators, loud banging noises from their boiler and the presence of dirty brown or black water when they bleed their radiators.

By stark contrast, once their system has been power flushed, they often notice that it is more efficient, quieter and heats up more quickly. There’s more circulation in the system, the radiators offer consistent heat from top to bottom and their heating bills are as much as 25% lower. 

Don’t all of those factors alone justify investing in a power flush from a true market leader like Power Flush Wizard?

Contact us today about power flushing

A power flushed central heating system is a healthy central heating system, not least when that vital work is carried out by our own fully qualified and knowledgeable engineers here at Power Flush Wizard.

From providing a clear and accurate quotation, right through to undertaking the highest standard of power flush while showing respect for your property at all times, we really do deliver the most professional service. 

Don’t hesitate to benefit from a more efficient, trouble-free and cheaper central heating system – contact Power Flush Wizard today about your next power flush.