Upgrade your central heating with Power Flush Wizard.

If you are a regular reader of the Power Flush Wizard blog, you will most likely be aware of the many benefits of a central heating flush by now; everything runs much more smoothly, your home will be warmer and you will save money on your bills. 

However, we think the more that you can do to help your central heating system, the better. That’s why we offer an array of central heating upgrades that can help to boost the benefits of your power flush by making your central heating system as efficient as possible.

Stop any build ups with filters and inhibitors

The main purpose of a power flush is to rid your central heating system of any iron oxide deposits – these stop your central heating system from running as efficiently by hindering water flow, reducing the amount of heat that you feel and increasing your energy bills. 

As well as flushing your system of these deposits, the flush leaves behind chemicals that help to reduce the corrosion process that produces said deposits.

These chemicals only last for a limited time, however. To reduce the chance of any deposits coming back, a MagnaClean filter is your best bet. 

If lime-scale is a problem to you, we can also install electrolytic scale inhibitors. Having these installed in both your heating system and cold water inlet reduces lime-scale build-up, saving you even more money on your bills.

We can also install un-vented water cylinders. These essentially rid your home of the need for a cold water storage tank; instead, water is drawn from the mains and heated when needed, as opposed to you having constantly heated water.

Be central heating savvy

There are several ways in which you can have more control over your central heating, thanks to the team here at Power Flush Wizard. 

Our wireless room thermostats allow you to control your central heating in terms of time and temperature – you can essentially choose how much a room gets heated at what times of day.

Meanwhile, our cylinder thermostats regulate the temperature of the water in your cylinder. It’ll sense when your water falls below the standard 60-65 degrees C, and will then heat it accordingly. This type of thermostat can save you an impressive amount of money over the year.

Then, there are Honeywell zone valves, which are a handy way of ensuring that you only heat certain areas of your home when you really need to heat them.

We can also install ‘A’ rated pumps and boilers if your heating system is in need of them.

For more information on what we can do to ensure your central heating system always runs efficiently as possible, why not contact the Power Flush Wizard team today?