Protecting Your Central Heating System

MagnaClean Filters

MagnaClean Filter is a sensible precaution to take when you are maintaining your central heating system. This device is fitted into the central heating system – usually hidden away in the airing cupboard – and effectively attracts metallic debris such as rust as it travels through your heating system. This stops the rust from building up and forming the blockages that cause so much damage to valves and radiators. Power Flush Wizard highly recommend getting a MagnaClean filter fitted after getting a power flush as this gives the system added protection from rust and sludge.


These electrolytic scale inhibitor devices are vital in the daily battle with lime scale. They are fitted to your incoming water supply pipe, giving your entire property protection. They work by changing the properties of the lime scale crystals so that they no longer stick to any metal they come into contact with. In areas of hard water, this is a cheap and effective way to protect your heating system.