Limescale Inhibitors, are they worth the cost?

In the UK a majority of homes and business properties are affected by limescale, areas such as London, Hertfordshire and Brighton have very hard water and this can cause all sorts of problems for a properties heating system, boiler and appliances including a massive reduction in efficiency and in extreme cases damage and break downs to boilers, radiators, heat exchangers and other appliances.

As limescale is produced and deposited faster in hot temperatures items such as boilers, radiators, heat exchangers, washing machines and dishwashers will see the greatest reduction in efficiency and lifespan, which will result in higher fuel bills and unexpected replacement and repair costs.

To combat limescale deposits left by hard water a limescale inhibitor can be fitted to your mains water feed, these inhibitors greatly reduce the amount of limescale that will get deposited in heating systems and appliances, which increases their lifespan and keeps their efficiency rates high. Helping to keep your fuel bills low and decreasing the amount of unexpected breakdown repairs or replacements to your heating system and appliances.

There are lots of different types of inhibitors with many different companies producing them for varying costs, if you’d like to discuss having a limescale inhibitor installed in your home or business then get in touch with us online or call 0800 849 1308, our friendly team are always on hand to answer any questions you might have and can recommend and even install your inhibitor for you.