Let us debunk some of the myths surrounding power flushing.

Although a central heating power flush is a measure adopted by many homes and businesses looking to make their system both quieter and more efficient – among a wide range of other potential benefits – there are still many myths surrounding the process, its aftermath and the effect that it has on a central heating system.

As one of the UK’s prominent providers of power flushing, we see it as our duty to debunk these myths, starting with one of the most common ones…

Power flushing leaves you with a mighty mess

Although it may not sound like the cleanest of procedures, we can assure you that power flushing only leaves a small amount of mess – one that we can clean up afterwards.

We always carry out the flush in a room where the mess can be cleaned up quickly and easily, such as a bathroom or utility room. The only way a power flush will cause a mess or disturbance is if the build-ups in your central heating system are hiding a leak.

To cut a long story short, if your system is healthy, a power flush should leave you with very little, if any mess.

A power flush engineer must be Gas Safe registered

The Gas Safe register certainly holds great importance in the boiler servicing industry, so it’s understandable that we sometimes have customers on the phone concerned that the engineer looking to carry out a power flush in their home lacks a Gas Safe Registered badge.

In reality, plumbers do not have to be registered. Power flushing only concerns the water aspect of your central heating system, and rarely involves the engineer working with the boiler.

If your boiler does need to be worked with or removed, we promise to always call in one of our Gas Safe registered engineers.

“My boiler only cuts out now and again – surely I don’t need to fork out for a flush?”

Even if your boiler only occasionally makes odd noises or cuts out, it’s still a sign that deposits are accumulating within your central heating system. It’s better to have us perform a power flush – or even just take a look at your boiler – sooner rather than later, as these noises and cut outs could soon become a fault that costs you your entire boiler.

What’s more, it’s worth remembering that a clean and efficient central heating system practically pays for itself – especially one treated to one of our power flushes.

To find out more about power flushing or to receive a free, no-obligation quote, please feel free to contact the Power Flush Wizard team.