Introducing the new Flow Eco RF boiler – yet another innovation in sustainable heating.

You may already be aware of a recent invention called the Flow boiler, thanks to our previous writing on the subject here on the Power Flush Wizard blog. Thanks to its innovative technology, this boiler can generate a fair amount of electricity while simultaneously heating your home.

We thought that boilers couldn’t get much better than the Flow boiler, but we were wrong, as Flow has recently introduced its latest leap forward in sustainable energy – the Eco RF boiler.

An award-winning investment you won’t regret

Having already won the product of the year gong at the recent H&V News industry awards, the Eco RF has already gained quite the reputation for itself.

It’s justified, too; some of the benefits of having one installed in your home when compared to a standard boiler include up to 15% lower gas bills, up to 20% lower carbon emissions, a whopping 20 years’ reliability and much, much more – you can even control it from your smartphone.

All of this, and your boiler will practically pay for itself in the long run, much like the rest of the Flow boiler range.

Why choose Flow?

If the above reasons weren’t enough to convince you, we doubt that it will take many more to do so. As the Flow Eco RF is so efficient at what it does, contributing towards a greener planet involves practically no effort on your part.

Furthermore, the Flow Eco RF is available as part of one of our famous bundle packages, with our home energy service also included. Invest in one of these packages, and your savings could potentially be more than the cost of your boiler package.

Prices are competitive across the range, with a 24kW boiler with a two-year warranty, for example, costing £2,880, rising to £3,012 for the 36kW option with the same length of warranty. Five-year and 10-year warranties are also available, with the 24kW boiler and 10-year warranty package costing £3,180, while even a 36kW boiler accompanied by a 10-year warranty will only cost you £3,312. 

Even better news is that if you allow a member of the Power Flush Wizard team to install your Flow Eco RF Boiler, you can rest safe in the knowledge that your boiler will be installed with the utmost care, precision and expertise – and by an engineer who is Gas Safe registered, too.

If you have any further queries about Flow boilers or would like to receive more information about any of the other services provided by our acclaimed and trusted power flushing engineers, please contact a member of our team – they’re there to help, after all!