How tweaks to your home’s central heating can make it more eco-friendly

These days, we should all make ourselves aware of what we can do to minimise our adverse impact on the planet. Your efforts in this area can extend as far as arranging an overhaul of your residence’s central heating. Below are some central heating upgrades that can really help.

 Electrolytic scale inhibitor 

By carrying out a power flush in your home, we can clear the majority of the limescale that has built up inside your heating system and that may have greatly curbed its efficiency in the process. However, nasty limescale can block other household pipes besides those in your heating system.

We can help you to reduce the accumulation of this substance in each of your appliances reliant on mains water by providing and fitting what is called an electrolytic scale inhibitor, which will not need maintenance.

Thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs)

Your home’s heat can be simply controlled through thermostatic radiator valves, which we can install in place of manual radiator valves. The more modern valves take account of the room’s current temperature and intelligently react by boosting or reducing the flow of hot water.

Should the room’s temperature exceed an ideal level, the valve can restrain it by curbing how much water flows through the radiator. No matter what kind of radiators you have, TRVs are an attractive option, especially given their low expense.

Wireless room thermostats

It can seem that more and more household functions can be activated wirelessly these days – and adjusting residential heat is another such function. You can have wireless room thermostats placed in any of your home’s rooms, where these charming little appliances can gauge the temperature and alter the heating accordingly.

They can also be very easily integrated with an existing system, as it is not necessary to wire them into a boiler. 

‘A’ rated boiler

If it looks like your boiler is due to be replaced, you should check that the new model is an ‘A’ rated one. This is because boilers of this kind are more than 90% efficient; older ‘G’ rated models touch only 70% efficiency in comparison. A condenser boiler can boost efficiency even further.

With such measures as the above available to bolster your central heating system’s energy efficiency and eco-friendliness, Power Flush Wizard can be available at your demand to supply and install the upgrades that make the most sense for your own home. Why not get in touch with our team today to learn a little more about them?