How else can I save money on my energy bills?

When we asked our customers what their favourite benefit of having a central heating power flush was, the answer that seemed to crop up most was the amount of money that they saved on their bills. We can’t say we blame them; a power flush from Power Flush Wizard can chop an impressive 25% off your bills.

As much as we encourage you to allow us to perform a power flush on your home’s central heating system, there are still several easy, cheap and effective ways to decrease the amount you have to dish out.

Choose the cheapest provider

Don’t settle for an energy provider that you feel is charging extortionate prices for the amount of energy you use. It’s often the smaller, lesser-known energy companies that can offer you the best deal – but if you aren’t sure where to look, it can be hard to find them.

Thankfully, there are several resources available to assist you in finding the perfect provider for you and your needs. A quick internet search will prove helpful, as will sites such as uSwitch and Compare the Market.

Be clever with your clothing

Instead of cranking up your heating, consider adding more layers to your outfit – anything from wearing a cardigan or slippers, to snuggling up under a blanket while lounging around on an evening.

As for the energy that you’ll use to wash all of this extra clothing, you may decide to save money by using your washing machine at a lower temperature. You can also air-dry your clothes as much as you possibly can to further save money.

Keep in the dark

Another bad habit to break is that of leaving your lights on when there is no real need to.

Far too many people have their lights on in broad daylight, leave appliances on idle (which often involves a light on the appliance being left on) and leave landing lights on as a deterrent to thieves. All of these habits may seem fairly harmless, but can, in fact, add great amounts to your energy bill over time.

Keep a diary of your light habits and see if there’s anything you can change – bad habits are hard to break, but the required effort is worth it in the long run.

Find out more about how you can effortlessly decrease your energy bills by contacting Power Flush Wizard – the country’s leading specialists in central heating power flushing.