How can you be sure that our power flushing experts really are experts?

Power flushing is something that you may have read vaguely about as an individual or business, or you may have had some unfortunate past experience of the adverse effects that thick black sludge can have on your central heating system as it develops from internal component corrosion.

But with so many companies out there claiming to give you the benefit of genuine power flushing experts, it’s well worth looking out for the following signs of said expertise.

They are Gas Safe registered

This point needs to be qualified a little. While it is undoubtedly vital for your chosen plumber to be Gas Safe registered if they are to carry out intricate work on your boiler’s internal workings, if they are ‘only’ undertaking a power flush, they don’t strictly need to be on the Gas Safe register.

That’s because power flushing only concerns the water aspect of the central heating system, instead of the gas, with the boiler not usually needing to be worked on for a flush to be performed.

Nonetheless, if it does turn out that your boiler needs to be removed for any reason, you should always ensure it is a Gas Safe registered engineer carrying out the job – as is the case here at Power Flush Wizard.

They have a great track record

Does the company that you are considering have a background of power flushes performed over many years? Does that track record include great results for both homes and businesses, and can the firm in question point you to glowing testimonials about its services?

They possess the right accreditations

Take a look over the website of whatever power flushing experts you are considering, and you should see logos for some of the most respected regulatory bodies or other leading organisations in the industry, signalling a certain level of approval from the rest of the sector.

Do you see the logos of the likes of NICEIC and OFTEC? The former is the UK’s premier voluntary regulatory body for the electrical contracting industry, while the latter is the trade association representing the oil heating industry in the UK and Ireland, and maintains a register of technicians under the competent persons scheme.

With our power flushing operatives here at Power Flush Wizard having also been DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) and DVLA checked, you really can have the utmost confidence in them providing the most professional and fastidious standard of work. So why waste your time considering any power flushing experts other than our own?