Help combat your high energy bill with a power flush from Power Flush Wizard.

An analysis of energy prices by Citizens Advice this month showed a startling 36% rise in energy prices from the ‘Big Six’ in the past three years. The national charity advises that calls to its consumer service regarding energy prices has almost doubled since the announcement of recent increases. The rate of energy price increase far outweighs that of average earnings and Which? Has stated that worry about rising energy prices is at its highest level since they began tracking consumers concerns.

How Can Power Flush Wizard help you reduce your heating bills this winter?

 There are many ways to help reduce your energy bills this winter, having a power flush carried out on your central heating system can help reduce your heating bills by up to 25% and the long lasting effects of a power flush will help keep your system running at peak efficiency and keep your fuel bills down. A power flush is a cheap and easy way to make a large saving on your heating bills this winter and can take as little as a day to complete, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of a warmer home the same day the power flush is carried out.

Having a MagnaClean filter fitted during your power flush will help you keep those heating costs lower for longer, the magnetic filter attracts and traps iron oxide deposits that occur due to internal system corrosion, keeping them from blocking up vital parts of your heating system. Having a MagnaClean filter installed will also increase the guarantee length of your power flush from 3 years to 5 years. Contact one of our team today or get a FREE no obligation power flush quote today.