Gas Safety Week 2015

From the 14th to the 20th of September 2015, Gas Safety Week will be taking place once again! This event is designed specifically to promote awareness of how gas appliances should be serviced and maintained by both tenants and homeowners.

Gas Safety Week is only a couple of months away and already has over 2,000 organisations supporting the event.

In the spirit of Gas Safety Week, Power Flush Wizard has created a very useful guide for you, helping you to get your boiler serviced effectively. In addition to this, here are some basic tips to help you keep gas safe:

Always use a Gas Safe registered engineer if you think you have a problem with any gas appliance in your home that may require looking at or fixing, this is a legal require which helps to keep everyone within the home safe. You should also have all your appliances checked every year to reduce risks from faults.

You should have a carbon monoxide alarm present in your home, next to the boiler. This will sound an alarm if it detects a leak of carbon monoxide, which would be unnoticeable by normal human senses.

Lastly, you should only ever use an appliance for its intended use. Improper use of equipment is most likely the fastest way to put yourself, and potentially others at risk.

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