Discover why a Flow boiler is more than worth the investment.

Although we are best-known for the power flushing service that (partly) gives us our name, our team is also perfectly capable of providing a wide range of additional services. Some of these focus on the heart of your central heating system – the boiler.

Should something go wrong with your boiler, our team will happily service it or even install a new A-rated boiler. However, if you desire the utmost in sustainability, efficiency and value for money, the installation of a Flow boiler is the best path to take.

What is a Flow boiler, and why should I have one installed?

As we’ve discussed in a previous blog post, a Flow boiler works just as your normal boiler would, but also generates electricity while heating your home.

In turn, this offers you the primary benefit that Flow boilers bring – the reduction of the cost of your energy bills. The Flow boiler could save you nearly £5,000 over five years, meaning that it’ll practically pay for itself in the long run.

Flow boilers also perform exceedingly well in terms of sustainability. This boiler generates electricity very efficiently and can reduce your household carbon emissions by about 20%, or the same amount you would save by driving 4,000 miles less in the average car.

At the time of writing, the Flow boiler is only suitable for homes with three to five bedrooms, although the company behind it is working to make a version suitable for homes of all sizes.

You’re in safe hands with Power Flush Wizard

Request a Flow boiler installation by us, and our Gas Safe registered engineers will perform the full installation – so you’re guaranteed a safe, durable and reliable Flow boiler.

Each Flow boiler that we install comes with a warranty. Bearing in mind that the boiler consists of two main elements – the boiler itself and the power unit that is used to generate electricity – the warranty is split into two, with each part covered by a five-year warranty.

If you have any further queries regarding the Flow boiler’s excellence or wish to gain a quote for the installation of one, why not get in touch with the experts here at Power Flush Wizard today? We’re available at the other end of the phone.