Can’t you just do your own gas boiler servicing?

The logic of having your boiler serviced on a regular basis is much like that for having your car serviced – it may seem to be working just fine now, but there could be problems arising that you won’t even be aware of until your boiler ceases to work altogether. On the basis that hot water and heat are hardly any less important than being able to get to and from work each day, it therefore makes sense to have gas boiler servicing carried out on an annual basis.

But before you ask, no, gas boiler servicing is not something that you can do yourself – it’s simply too dangerous, with the very real risk of illness and even death. That’s one reason why it’s also so important, when you are looking for a company that can provide servicing for you, to only use one with fully qualified Gas Safe registered engineers.

There’s a lot more to a service than you might think

Another reason to only use a company like Power Flush Wizard for your gas boiler servicing, instead of trying to do it yourself or simply leave it to ‘Barry down the road who says he can do it’, is the many-faceted and complicated nature of the process.

For example, the first thing that our Gas Safe engineer will do when they turn up to your property is check that the location of the boiler complies with the latest gas safety, electrical and building regulations. These regulations can change regularly, so anyone who isn’t suitably qualified probably won’t know what the latest things are for which they need to look out.

Once that’s done – and as long as the boiler does not have to be moved – our engineer will examine all of the external controls and panels connected to the boiler, before proceeding onto the main part of the service. This stage encompasses tests and checks on such components of your boiler as its main injector, heat exchanger, main burner, fans, seals, flue terminal and so on.

With the complete gas boiler service also including such tasks as the removal of dust and dirt from inside the boiler, a gas tightness test to ensure that there are no gas leaks in the system, and finally an emissions test using a flue gas analyser, it’s fair to say there’s a lot to be done that will be well beyond the capabilities of the average homeowner. 

Don’t take the risk – contact Power Flush Wizard now

Do you really want to put yourself in danger of the worst happening? Don’t even think about trying to do any of your gas boiler servicing yourself – get in touch with our team here at Power Flush Wizard today to ensure you receive a thorough gas service and valid ‘Gas Safety Record’ and benefit from the very greatest peace of mind.