Allow us to undertake all of your necessary central heating system repairs.

As you will know if you have even casually browsed our site previously, here at Power Flush Wizard, we are passionate about the benefits of power flushing. It frustrates us to think that so many people’s central heating systems aren’t delivering the exceptional performance they should, simply because of thick black sludge and the associated damage it can cause. 

We are committed to clearing away such sludge for the benefit of homeowners and business owners up and down the country, delivering them savings on their fuel bills of as much as 25% into the bargain.

However, power flushing is far from our only service, with boiler servicing another key area of expertise of ours. It’s a part of our work that helps us to identify where central heating system repairs may be necessary, and nor is it as expensive as you might think.

But what else do you need to know about our work related to boiler servicing and repairs?

We’ll make sure your boiler is working as good as new

When our Gas Safe engineer arrives to service your boiler – and we can’t emphasise strongly enough how important it is to use a fully qualified Gas Safe registered engineer when work or servicing needs to be carried out on your gas systems – they will first consider the location of your boiler.

If our engineer determines that your boiler’s location complies with the latest gas safety, electrical and building regulations, he will then be able to examine all of the external panels and controls connected to the boiler, before progressing to the main part of the service.

Our engineer will perform tests and checks on a wide range of your boiler’s components, from its main injector, main burner and heat exchanger, right through to all of its fans and seals and all of the joints in its gas and water pipes. The flue terminal, spark centre probe and all electrical components will also all be checked.

Enquire now to Power Flush Wizard about boiler servicing and repairs 

With the dust and dirt inside your boiler also being removed and a gas tightness test undertaken to check for any gas leaks, our engineer will perform all of the actions necessary to make sure your central heating system really does continue to deliver its best possible performance.

If, in the process of undertaking such a service, the engineer finds that certain central heating system repairs are necessary, this will be fully discussed with you, along with the associated costs, before any work commences.

When you are in need of the very best central heating system installation, servicing and repair specialists, why place your trust in any company other than Power Flush Wizard? Contact us now to learn more and receive a highly competitive quote.