Allow us to help lower your business central heating’s carbon emissions.

There are little fixes that your company can use for keeping its carbon footprint down, such as turning down the heating by 1°C or encouraging staff to boil the kettle less often. However, to keep your staff truly comfortable and productive during the winter months while only generating low carbon emissions, it’s a good idea to upgrade your premises’ central heating.

Power Flush Wizard can supply and install a diverse selection of central heating upgrades to make your business’s heating system run more efficiently, which will lower both its cost and carbon emissions.

The right central heating upgrades can make all of the difference to your business

Cleanliness can boost the efficiency of your central heating tenfold, and indeed, one of the most common issues with central heating systems is limescale, which can easily build up and spread through pipes. A scale inhibitor enables the comprehensive cleaning of all pipes that use water, leaving no area of your company premises untreated.

Black sludge is another common cause of central heating underperformance. Thankfully, we offer power flushing services that are highly effective at keeping your central heating system free from both sludge and limescale.

A power flush rids your central heating system of black iron oxide sludge through the use of chemicals that linger and deter sludge build-up, but these chemicals will not stay forever. To keep sludge at bay for longer and thereby ensure greater all-round longevity for your central heating system, install one of our MagnaClean filters after a power flush.

One way to help your business to save money on heating and lower carbon emissions is to install an unvented water cylinder. This device draws water from only the cold water supply and then heats it whenever it is needed, which is much more efficient than constantly heating water.

Eco-friendly solutions from Power Flush Wizard

With help from our selection of inhibitors, filters and valves, your business can remain a comfortable place for your employees while still drastically reducing its carbon footprint.

Power Flush Wizard performs a wealth of crucial power flushing and central heating maintenance services for both domestic and commercial properties, working with highly-trained workers who have considerable experience in the installation and servicing of central heating and boilers.

For more information on how you can keep your own firm’s carbon emissions to a minimum, please browse our range of central heating upgrades and maintenance services online. You can then call us for a no-obligation quote at a budget and time-scale that works for you.