5 Ways to Save Energy for FREE

Always Shop Around for the Cheapest Provider

The quickest way to reduce your fuel bills is to pay less per unit, regularly compare your provider’s tariff to others using services like uSwitch and Compare The Market is FREE and can help you find the cheapest provider for you. Often smaller energy companies can provide a better tariff than the Big 6, companies like Ovo Energy and Ebico can often provide you with a better tariff than energy companies that make up the Big 6.

Check out the Which? Small energy companies page to find out more about these small energy companies.

Change your Clothes Washing Habits

Did you know that 90% of a washing machines energy goes on heating the water? Swapping from a 60°C or 40°C wash to a 30°C can save you a significant amount of money on your energy bills, current detergents and washing powders work just as well at 30°C as at higher temperatures.

Another way to save money when washing your clothes is to air-dry your laundry as opposed to using a tumble dryer, only use your tumble dryer when you can’t air-dry your clothes due to the weather. If you do need to tumble dry your clothes and you plan to iron them, then take your clothes from the tumble dryer before they’re completely dry, they iron much faster and you’ll use less energy to power your dryer.

Be more efficient with Appliances

Switch off and unplug all appliances that are not being used, leaving games consoles, laptops and other electrical goods on standby will still be costing you energy and contributing to your energy bills. If you’ve finished charging your phone or tablet then turn off or unplug the charger as these still use energy even when not actively charging.

Take Advantage of Government Schemes

The Government are always offering schemes to give the general public access to free or reduced price energy saving installations such as help with ‘A’ rated boiler installation, Free loft insulation and cavity wall installation. The ‘Green Deal’ scheme has just been reintroduced by the government, head over to the Government Green Deal site today and find out what energy saving improvements you’re eligible for.

Streamline your Central Heating System

Understanding how your thermostat timer works and setting it correctly can help you avoid wasting heat and energy. Avoid turning your central heating system off completely, instead have your central heating system running at a lower temperature when you’re out or in uninhabited rooms, this saves your central heating system having to work overtime to heat rooms when you get home and avoids uninhabited rooms from getting cold and taking heat from adjacent rooms.

Reducing your thermostat temperature by 1°C can save you as much as £60 a year so instead of reaching to turn the thermostat up when you get cold, consider putting on a jumper, pair of socks or slippers, they use no energy and can help take the chill off when you’re reaching for that thermostat.

Take advantage of our Summer Power Flush Price Cuts & Save even more on your fuel bills

There are great ways to improve your home or businesses energy efficiency and save you money for FREE, however, there is only so much you can improve without having to have paid work completed on your heating system or boiler.

Power Flushes start from just £260 and could save you up to 25% on your heating bills yearly, that’s a big saving on the current average household energy bill (reported as £1,320 by the BBC), you could reclaim the power flushing cost in the first year of energy savings and our power flushes are guaranteed for 3 years making them a cost effective low disruption way to make a noticeable saving on your energy bills.

We offer a FREE power flush quote and our friendly team are always happy to answer your central heating related questions, get your FREE quote today by filling in our quick and simple quote form and start saving on your energy bills.