5 quick heating systems maintenance tips.

Here at Power Flush Wizard, we understand better than almost anyone else just how much you depend on your central heating system, and just how inconvenient and expensive it could be if anything goes wrong with it – particularly with the winter months quickly looming.

So, here are just five things to do or bear in mind on the heating systems maintenance front.

 1.    Make sure your boiler is serviced annually

Was it this time last year when you last had your boiler checked out? Remember that central heating servicing isn’t just about ensuring everything is working OK – it’s also about minimising any associated health risks to you and your family.

 2.    Bleed your radiators

Bleeding your radiators is also known as ‘venting’. These terms refer to the practice of removing the pockets of trapped air that may have formed in your radiator, and given that such air pockets take up space that would otherwise be filled with hot water, it’s a pretty good thing to do.

If your radiator seems to particularly suffer from cold spots, it could be a sign that it’s time to get in touch with Power Flush Wizard about having a professional power flush carried out.

3.    Keep an eye on your water tank

Homeowners with water tanks in their loft can easily forget the important role it plays in their heating system. We would suggest that you have yours checked out at least every few months.

4.    Check the boiler pressure

Is the pressure gauge on your boiler working to the pressure levels recommended by the manufacturer? While low pressures can be topped up, it’s vital to do this carefully so that you not damage your boiler’s pressure release valve.

In the event that you do damage the pressure release valve, you’ll have to get a Gas Safe engineer to fix it.

 5.Ensure the flue is accessible

It is now legally required for flues to be visible to enable any joints to be checked. This means that if your flue disappears into the ceiling or a void, you will need to have access panels installed. This is a vital safety measure given that if a flue is inaccessible, any carbon monoxide leak from a joint may go unnoticed.

As for what other heating systems maintenance advice we could give you… well, we would advise you to avoid carrying out any sensitive work on your heating system or boiler yourself! Instead, get in touch with Power Flush Wizard so that we can provide you with the most suitable services and assistance for your specific needs.