4 signs of faulty central heating and how Power Flush Wizard can help.

Power Flush Wizard assists in keeping the central heating of homes and businesses working at peak efficiency for longer with thorough power flushing, maintenance and installation services.

We have enough experience of working with faulty central heating systems to be able to spot corrosion or deterioration from a mile away, but if you’re unsure whether your system needs a power flush, keep a lookout for these common signs.

Black water when bleeding radiators

The black that appears in the water of radiators is often magnetite, which is a black sludge that appears when your pipes, radiator or boiler have begun to corrode.

The presence of black water could indicate that your system needs a power flush along with the fitting of a MagnaClean filter. Here at Power Flush Wizard, we can perform comprehensive power flushing for your central heating, as well as quick and easy MagnaClean filter installation.

Cold spots on the radiator

Cold spots in radiators can occur for a number of reasons. Typically, the top of a radiator being cold can be attributed to trapped air, but when the middle and bottom are cold, it is usually a build-up of scale, rust and sludge that is to blame.

If the latter is the case for your own radiator, a power flush may be required to clear away the mess and heat up your radiators in their entirety.

Noisy pipes 

When you notice your central heating pipes making a lot of noise, it could mean that they aren’t secured properly or are overheating. One quick way to check if your pipes are overheating is to shut off the heating, let it cool down for a while and then turn it all the way up.

When you do this, you should hear a click. If you don’t hear a click, consult Power Flush Wizard for a diagnosis and possible repair.

Little or no hot water

This sometimes happens for a fairly straightforward reason, such as a drop in the pressure gauge or the pilot light going out. 

However, it’s also possible that your boiler is failing to create hot water due to a faulty pump. If you suspect this, we would advise you to locate the pump while the water is running to see whether it is warm and vibrating. If not, consult one of our specialists for advice on maintenance or to organise a call-out.

Keep your home heated with our efficient power flushing services

We do so much more than power flushing. Whatever problems you’re experiencing with your central heating or boiler, here at Power Flush Wizard, we can tackle it and bring a hot water supply back to your home in no time.

Feel free to get in touch for quote for any of our services and to learn more about the potential benefits of our expertise for your own home or business.