Commercial & residential power flushing in Stevenage.

Expert power flushing Stevenage.

Wizard Gas Services are a team of fully trained and highly qualified Power Flushing Stevenage engineers who have been working within the power flushing industry for many years. We use the industries best methods and equipment to guarantee an outcome you’ll be left satisfied with.

Our highly skilled team of engineers use a high pressured water machine and chemicals that flush out the limescale and sludge which can build up if left unattended overtime. We thoroughly clean out your pipes, radiators and boiler and replace the dirty water with clean water. By removing the build up, it can reduce the workload on your boiler therefore increase the efficiency of your heating and lower the risk of future breakdowns or replacements.


Commercial Power Flushing Stevenage

Our Power Flush Stevenage team don’t just cover domestic properties but can also supply their expertise to commercial units. From offices & units to factories, we can cover all areas that have a heating system! Having a power flush can save up to 25% on your fuel bills as well as increase the lifespan of your heating system.
There are many signs as to why your central heating system might not be working up to standard.

Things to look out for are:

  • Little or no hot water from taps/fittings
  • Noises from your boiler
  • Cold spots around your radiator
  • Discoloured water when bleeding radiators

If you find any of these are what you are experiencing, make sure you get in contact with one of our specialist teams so that we can get things back to normal for you. We supply a free no-obligation quote and advice upon visit.

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