Commercial & residential power flushing in Herefordshire.

Expert power flushing Herefordshire.

Our team of expert power flush engineers are operating throughout Herefordshire power flushing commercial and residential heating systems of all sizes and helping save our customers up to 25% on their fuel bills.

Over time central heating systems deteriorate and rust internally, this iron oxide rust builds up in the system, causing boiler cut outs, radiators to heat unevenly and blocking pipes a valves. This leads of poor circulation, making your boiler work harder and costing you more to heat your home.

If your heating system is suffering from these common symptoms of iron oxide deposit build up then get your FREE no obligation quote from Power Flush Wizard today:

  • Radiators are cold, heat unevenly or have cold spots.
  • Boiler makes loud banging sounds and regularly cuts out.
  • Radiator water is black or brown when bleeding.
  • Taps and other fittings have little or no hot water.
  • Pipes and valves are blocked due to deposit build up.

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